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A website should be visually appealing, inviting... a place where you stop and spend some time. We like to think of your website as a 'Webscape' – a unique little place along the world-wide information highway.
The creation of a full-featured, successful and distinct website is a blend of creative skills, up-to-date technologies and useful applications.
Here, briefly described, are some of the more common website creation skills and applications we offer...


Consultation – Getting started the right way saves you time, money and headaches. And it doesn't cost you anything! This service is totally free with no obligation, and we are glad to answer you questions and concerns.   more info
Web Design – The look, feel and function of your website is essential. You know what they say about first impressions. Our representative or designer will work with you so your site reflects the personality of your business or organization for the appropriate audience.   more info
Web Development – generally refers to the non-design elements of website creation: writing markup, HTML Coding, CSS Coding, Browser Scripting, Server Scripting, database applications, etc. Web Development is used to create applications like: custom forms, client log-ins, information storage and reports, adding third-party applications and much more.   more info
E-Commerce – Got something to sell? Or need to collect dues or donations? Your online store or payment window is open all day, every day.   more info
Web Animation – Animations add flare to your website and are used to emphasize your message. Animations can be created in a number of formats such as: GIF images, Flash movies, JAVA applets, Javascript and AJAX, etc.   more info
Video Elements – Videos are a great way to tell your story on the web, and are becoming more popular all the time. Videos can be used to: tell who you are, describe and sell your products, give customer testimonies, provide instructions, or show recorded events (e.g. trade show, company picnic), or whatever you can imagine.   more info
Graphic Design – Logos, Corporate Identity, Business Cards, Menus, Brochures, etc.   more info
Search Engine Optimization – Being found online is not magic or luck... It does takes a structured plan using the latest technologies and methods, and regular maintenance. Proper keywords and text content are fundamental to place in online searches. Effectiveness is tracked trough reports from Google and others.   more info
Online Marketing Programs – Want to reach more potential customers online? Marketing programs can get you the customers you're looking for. But, they can be expensive. A properly designed marketing program will work with your budget and return the new leads your require.   more info
Pre-Configured (money-saving) Dynamic Applications – (Online Calendar, Document Library, Media Center, Contact Form, PayPal Apps, Maps, Photo Gallery, Content Management, and more.) Accessed through one log-in to your personal Dashboard.   more info
Hosting (managed) – To make your website available to the World Wide Web it needs to be placed on a computer that is connected to the internet. This computer is known as a 'Server' and is optimized for speed and security, and the complete service in known as 'Hosting'. We typically provide hosting to our clients once their website is complete, through a “Hosting, Maintenance and Revision Plan” (ask your customer representative about this service).   more info
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